May 24, 2008

read this. NOW. ::CRUCIAL UPDATE::

Update 5/24: Thanks to your help, she advanced to the final round. You can vote again. And again and again and again. Jenni's the Monday dancer. Go vote!

Update: The day has changed, and so have the dancers. Thanks to all who voted!

A little while ago, Jenni Hargis, a former neighbor and total sweetheart, fulfilled a dream of a lifetime and met Ellen Degeneres. What I didn't know: she danced on Ellen, and is now part of their contest for Dancer of the Week.

On this here blog, I don't ask for much. But today, I'm demanding. Go now, and vote for Jenni. She's Dancer #1. In her own words:
Go and vote for me!!! I'm totally embarrassed and look like a complete dork, but am competitive enough to want to win.
It takes mere seconds. Click through. Do it! Vote!

(If you're super-awesome, link to this post as well, and tell all your readers to go and vote, too.)


Anonymous said...

is it just me or does it let you vote more then once? Anyways, number 1 is winning.

Jenni said...

I'm just hanging out late at night, avoiding studying, being a dork and googling my name and I found this.

At first I was like...oh another Jenni Hargis got to meet Ellen, cool. Then I had an "ah-ha" moment and realized it was me. I'm still laughing...

but seriously,you you're super-awesome! :)