May 24, 2008

in bad faith: more Sonics fallout

The Seattle Times' report on the latest findings from Howard Schultz's "Save the Sonics" lawsuit, among other things, shows a strange confluence of geography, sports, politics, and gay marriage:
While no major revelations emerged during his deposition, McClendon was asked about two e-mails that previously have not been disclosed in court filings.

The first e-mail came early last year, after controversy erupted in Seattle over large political contributions made in 2004 by McClendon and Ward to an anti-gay marriage political committee. News of the pair's political leanings didn't sit well in the Democrat-controlled Washington Legislature, which was then considering whether to fund the Sonics' Renton arena proposal.

Jim Roth, an openly gay politician in Oklahoma, offered to contact Seattle media to defend McClendon against accusations of being anti-gay.

McClendon encouraged that effort, but told Roth in an e-mail: "The reality is it just improves OKC's chances of getting them [the Sonics] here year after next."

Roth responded: "Yes, and then we all win."
"We," of course, not including "you," if you're a Seattle fan.

The article, must reading for anyone who cares about the Sonics, includes links covering the whole shameless debacle, a textbook example of disingenuousness, double dealing, and outright lying.

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