Apr 11, 2008

sympathy for the accused

Blog neighbor TRP sends us toward a story of "Butterbean," an innocent accused:
It was an experience that was hard to shake. My employer suspended me when it became known what had happened. My neighbors all treated me differently when I came back home. Heck, it took me a week to put my place back together after the cops had turned it inside out looking for a weapon.

I don’t envy Scott Morrison right now. He’s going to be looking over his shoulder wondering, “What next?” for a while. And, like me, he’ll probably find it difficult to trust the police again. But the memory will fade over time. I do hope everyone learns a lesson from this.

Having once been in Morrison’s shoes, I know I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge.
Good advice for anyone--especially us bloggers, the experts in judgment-snapping. To learn how the author, Chris Snethen, learns his lesson and earns the nickname, read the whole thing.

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