Apr 11, 2008

how badly do the M's need J.J. Putz?

Some perspective from Jayson Stark:
How good is J.J. Putz? Heck, Matt Morris gave up more hits in spring training this year (45 in 24 innings) than Putz allowed all last season (37 in 71 2/3 IP). In fact, Putz allowed the lowest opponent batting average (.153) of any 40-save man in American League history last year. So he's as irreplaceable as any pitcher in baseball -- especially in a bullpen in which no one else had a single career big league save until Tuesday.

Thanks to him, the Mariners went 75-0 last season when they led after eight innings. Now they've already lost two games in the ninth this year, coughed up another one in the eighth and have seen their whole promising season turn upside down.
Which means "badly." Get well soon, J.J.

Costochondritis can't keep you down forever. Can it?

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