Mar 31, 2008

a logical consequence of poor management skills

A recipe chock-full of stupid:
Brian Havel, 22, was teaching English at the school March 14 when the boy arrived after class started.

"In his class, the disciplinary process was X amount of sit-ups or push-ups in a certain amount of time. He either wouldn't or couldn't complete them," Delta interim Police Chief Roger Christian said of the punished student.

The boy's classmates volunteered to administer an alternate punishment.

"The class made a suggestion that if he couldn't finish, we ought to be able to punch him, and (Havel) agreed. So 10 to 15 students got to hit him," Christian said.
Let's count the errors:

1. Normally assigning an illogical consequence for misbehavior.
2. Letting the class in on the punitive negotiation.
3. Taking the class's suggestion seriously.
4. I mean, come on.

Mr. Havel's one correct choice: resigning immediately.

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Dr Pezz said...

I can't believe this guy. Makes all of us look bad.