Jan 29, 2008

don't walk like an Egyptian

Around 8:00 tonight, I drove over to Evergreen's library, almost-due books in gloved hand, warily navigating the treacherous ice-trap that is Red Square. I watched as one incautious fellow slipped and fell, and narrowly avoided the same fate at least thrice. No gait is as graceful and clumsy as the shuffle-slide of an icewalker.

Ten minutes away, at CHS, the ground isn't even frozen. Evergreen is a microclimate unto itself--and not just ideologically.

[Today's tie brought to you by the letter G.]

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LD n00b said...

That's actually pretty cool; I'd buy something like that if I saw it. Might not be good to wear at a debate though; at princton, for example, I forgot to put on my dress shoes and a judge actually wrote on my ballot that "white sneakers were visually distracting." I think he/she gave me the win anyway.