Jan 29, 2008

crunching the words

A natural-language computer analysis shows that Bush's latest SOTU is a "legacy speech," while psychologists note that SOTU speeches tend to become simpler as elections near.

Someday, we'll find out that computers have been writing the SOTU since at least 1997. Will that be terrifying, liberating, or both?

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LD n00b said...

proubably liberating. It is best to judge a polotician-- whether you love them or hate them-- by what they do, not by what they think or what they say. For example, Bush personally thinks everyone in my religion (and many others) is going to hell, but I supported him over Kerry anyway because I liked his policies better and what he does to the country (and other countries)influences thousands of lives and its not fair to them to hold a grudge over one man's personal views.

besides, what's the difference beetween a speech writer and a computer anyway?