Dec 21, 2007

weird questions to ask about Jesus

1. What are the most-played indy rock songs on Jesus's iPod?
2. When Jesus gets a phone call, does he say, "I'm sorry, you must be looking for the Jesus in Santa Monica?"
3. Could you imagine Jesus at a day spa?
4. Does Jesus ever get tired of people seeing him at the airport and bugging him for autographs?
5. How long does it take Jesus to finish the Sunday Times crossword?
6. Would Jesus prefer Survivorman or Man vs. Wild?
7. Has Jesus ever considered shaving off the beard?
8. When Jesus plays golf, does he ever intentionally lose?
9. Does Jesus's Camry have one of those fish on it?
10. When is Jesus going to return his overdue books?

[149th in a series]

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