Dec 21, 2007

church is like, cool, man

Way cool:
During what REUNION Christian Church calls its "gatherings," the pastor, Hank Wilson, proved deft at weaving in elements from pop culture without seeming trite or like he's pandering. The worship team played a Death Cab for Cutie song in between sets of contemporary praise ballads. He played a clip from Good Will Hunting to illustrate a point about intimacy. And when Wilson referenced a dated Saturday Night Live skit of Eddie Murphy channeling Buckwheat, he had a solution for all the young congregants looking lost: "YouTube it."
I suppose linking and quoting is commentary enough.

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TheTachyix said...

Can I just say this? I would buy and wear a "WIMWJLT?*" bracelet. I would also consult it daily.

*What Indie Music Would Jesus Listen To?