Dec 26, 2007

"S" stands for idiot

John A. Davison, step aside. Salvador Cordova, front and center.
The reason I would discourage Atheists from wearing of the scarlet letter “A” is that some Atheists are such bad apples, the bad atheists have given even the good atheists a bad reputation. These bad apples have caused the general public to form a stereotype in their mind that atheists are mean-spiritied amoral people like Madeline Murry O’Hair. O’Hair regularly courted criminals as her cronies and was punished by God through cruel death. But I know for a fact there are many atheists I would have no problem offering praise for and befriending….

However the fact remains, many associate “Atheist” with the likes of O’Hair and PZ Myers. Thus, it is easy to suppose that “A” doesn’t stand for atheist, but rather for Rectum. I would therefore encourage my dear atheist friends from wearing the “A” as people might perceive them not as atheists but rather as rectums.
It's filed under "Humor," and funny for all the wrong reasons.

[via PZ]

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