Dec 26, 2007

gotta take the good with the bad

Good: Shaun of the Dead, especially in tandem with Hot Fuzz. I had forgotten scenes that tie the two together in a brilliant, brilliant way. Thanks to my wife, to Christmas, and to British humor everywhere.

Bad: Sinus infection.

Bad: Alexander Graham Bell might have been a patent-peeking hack.

Good-Bad: The NFL and its eponymous network have caved, and will let nonsubscribers watch the Patriots' first-rate second string against the Giants' second-rate second string in a potentially history-making matchup. Yay!

Bad-Bad: Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem. Does a non-sequel sequel require a sequel? No. It does not.

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Aaron said...

"Saturday night's game between New England and the New York Giants on the NFL Network, which is available in fewer than 40 percent of the nation's homes with TVs, will be simulcast on CBS and NBC."

I assume by fewer than 40 percent, they mean five houses. I have never met anyone with NFL network