Sep 21, 2007

anti-Baird talking points left at CHS

Update: By request, photos of the Talking Points added.

Someone took it upon themselves to broadcast (in the old sense of the word) leaflets describing "talking points" for tonight's Town Meeting at CHS featuring Brian Baird. (Administrators plucked them from various wall perches, since they didn't have the quite literal stamp of approval.)

They appear to be the work of (or affiliated with) Olympia's chapter of Veterans for Peace.

I've transcribed the talking points intro below.
This Friday (9/21) let us challenge and protest Congressman Brian Baird at the town hall meeting he has called at Capital High School's theater to justify his pro-war stand.
Banner holders, sign makers and pamphleteers will be out front starting at 6pm. Please join us.
Bring and make signs at 6:00. Help us hand out leaflets with questions to ask Baird that take apart his rationale. Come early to line up for questions.
Challenge him. He is getting national publicity for "his courage" for taking a pro-war stand. We have a responsibility to show that he is not speaking in our name.
It could be a fairly raucous meeting tonight. If I can get the right setup, I'll be there, liveblogging.

Update: And I was there.

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Emmett said...

See you there. Won't be liveblogging, but it will certainly be interesting.