Aug 3, 2007

Warren Dunes photos

No landscaping today. Instead, a trip to Warren Dunes State Park, a Michigan favorite.

The view from the umbrella, from which I narrowly missed a chance to craft a potential YouTube sensation. A couple kids, under their mom's guidance, buried their brother face down in the sand, covered his head with a beach towel, and set a pile of Bugles corn chips on his back. I watched in horror and journalistic fascination, recording video all the while with my digital camera. I expected--hoped?--the birds would peck him, to his utter misery. Unfortunately, he leaped up shouting a split second before they landed on his back, and the moment was ruined.

Don't feed the birds, people. Even if Mom says it's okay.

A dune facing Lake Michigan.

We're spending the night in South Bend, home of Saint Mary's and that other Catholic university of repute--and scads and scads of corn.

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