Aug 5, 2007

a tossing fad

Yesterday I got to meet the 163,000 members of Melissa's side of the family at the annual lakeside reunion. Photos, with requisite explanations, below. (If only 3 appear, click the timestamp or the title to see them all.)

Each year all 163,000 family members line up on the dock for the photo, as depicted here. Anyone absent is photoshopped in later.

If you feel inclined to ride the wake, Uncle David is the good captain. Uncle Fred, on the other hand... but this is Uncle David driving, and everyone comes back whole.

No bubbles were harmed in the making of this photograph.

The dragonfly molted.

The title refers to this horseshoe-esque game, called "Bags," or "Cornhole" or "Corn Toss." You toss a beanbag toward the opposite board, hoping to either land it on the playing surface (1 point), or make it through the hole (3 points). Equal tosses offset, zero points. Apparently a huge fad in Midwest, it's relatively unknown everywhere else. Time for a revolution.

In which I catch Jeff admiring his toss--frozen just above the board. Look closely.

With fans like these...

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