Aug 5, 2007

bits of Chicago

Before I post photos from yesterday's family reunion, a few scraps.

1. The infamous rivalry between Sox and Cubs fans is most heated in the realm of children's apparel. God forbid that a little tyke should grow up emulating the wrong side. (Either side.)

2. The Mariners logo on my ballcap was initially, and dangerously, mistaken for a Sox logo by a rabid Cubs fan. I escaped when my nonpartisan status was confirmed by closer inspection.

3. I enjoy the chance to read the Chicago Tribune, but miss those "late" baseball scores. Silly time zones. K.C. Johnson's trip to the NBA's D-league, land of resuscitating dreams, makes up for the deficit today. (We lost, anyway.)

4. Chicagoans really say "dese" for "these" and "dere" for "there." A sample video is provided below.

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