Aug 25, 2007

original questions to ask people

Tired of those pre-packaged lists of random questions? Want to become a tailor of talk, spinning surprising questions out of thin air, seamlessly weaving them into the conversation? Look no further, friend. You've hit up on a list of 15 original questions that, until now, have never been asked. Not ever.

Originality verified by Google. Check for yourself.

1. If Teddy Roosevelt were resurrected tomorrow, would voters be able see past the distracting supernaturalism for the wonder that would be the 21st century Bull Moose Party?
2. Have you ever woken up whistling?
3. Bastard toadflax or creosote bush?
4. What is the longest you've ever had the hiccups?
5. Which superpower could you live without?
6. Are "comeback tours" evidence in favor of euthanasia?
7. If your name anagrammed to "Turd Pan Mold," would you have it legally changed?
8. Which streets are being taken back, exactly?
9. Which Sesame Street character best represents these turbulent times?
10. Do these jeans make me look hip?
11. What's your take on the whole "dark energy" dispute?
12. To keep the stars on the U.S. flag nice and even, which state should be traded for Puerto Rico?
13. How long until farthingales return to popularity?
14. If you could eliminate one random question, which would you choose?
15. Kickboxers or kickbriefs?

[148th in a series]

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