Jul 13, 2007

strange moments from our Yellowstone trip

When we stopped at the Clarkston Taco Time, we figured its interior would be just like any other--bland, inoffensive, with all the zest saved for the food. Oh, no. It's dressed up with stucco walls and pipes and colorful tile and old-timey decorabilia.

How'd you like to play lead guitar for the band that exclusively toured Montana's state correctional institutions?

Speaking of prison life, one of the more famous inmates at the Montana State Prison was Harry Edward Evans, a kooky fellow who considered himself "King of kings and Lord of lords." The staff played along, since it seemed to help him stay out of trouble. That's his royal getup, which he mostly kept in storage.

Look closely, and you'll see that what appears to be a framed print is actually a framed puzzle adorning the wall of a room in a two-bit hotel in a two-bit Montana town.

A carnival truck that had the courtesy to pull aside on the road west of White Pass.

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