Jun 16, 2007

why are there pigs on Port of Olympia signs?

I ask you, dear local readers, because my wife and I are completely flabbergasted by the pigs on the port signs. No explanation is offered for what appears to be plagiarism of Seattle's shtick. Occult symbol? Historical reference? Political favor? Why pigs?


Emmett said...

It has to do with the Flying Pig of the farmers market. It is a cryptic element, I'll admit, but it did remind me. But, if I was a new visitor to Olympia (who I assume would be the only people who don't know their way around town enough to know where we keep our port), using the pig is pretty senseless.

You can kind of see the pig in this apron.

Jim Anderson said...

I guess that makes some kind of sense. Last night, when stumped for the pig signs' origin, I told my wife, "I'm going to blog this, and Emmett O'Connell is going to know the answer." How right I was.

Emmett said...

Best part of my day so far was reading the above comment.

Thanks Jim.