Jun 16, 2007

liveblogging earns reporter ejection

One more thing I did not know: it is against NCAA regulations to liveblog while attending an NCAA contest.
Bennett had done live blogging during Louisville's super regional games against Oklahoma State in the previous two games of the three-game series. The representative revoked Bennett's credential Sunday and asked him to leave the game....

The newspaper said the university circulated a memo on the issue from Jeramy Michiaels, the NCAA's manager of broadcasting, before the first super regional game Friday. It said blogs are considered a "live representation of the game" and blogs containing action photos or game reports are prohibited until the game is over.
Check out internet broadcast regulations here. I think they're referring to this rule:
The NCAA reserves the right to deny any entity from producing live statistics for NCAA championship play. In the event the NCAA takes on the responsibility of producing a live statistical representation from an NCAA championship event, no other entity will be permitted to do so. Live statistics are considered a protected right that has been granted to CBS as part of a bundled rights agreement, referenced above. For clarification purposes, a live statistical representation includes play-by-play, score updates, shot charts, updated box scores, photos with captions, etc.
Whether a series of one's own disjointed impressions of a contest counts as a "live statistical representation," I leave for the relevant lawyers to sort out.

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