Jun 8, 2007

we're passing the WASL--well, mostly

Good news:
More than three-quarters of the 10th-graders who took the Washington Assessment of Student Learning earlier this spring passed the reading and writing sections of the test, the two still required for graduation....

Of the more than 73,000 sophomores tested statewide, 85 percent passed reading — about the same as last year's 10th-graders — and 88.4 percent passed writing, higher than last year's students.
Better news:
Taking into account only test-takers still scheduled to graduate in 2008, nearly 96 percent passed reading and writing.
Worst news:
Little more than 53 percent of sophomores passed math, however — slight decline from the 54 percent who passed math last year.


Dr Pezz said...

How does your school prepare your students for the WASL? Do you have an overall philosophy, tendency, or set of ideals guiding your teaching?

What about you personally?

Jim Anderson said...

Good questions. I'll try to address them in a forthcoming post.