Jun 9, 2007

Olympia School District's preliminary WASL scores released

The numbers are in:
Of the 805 Olympia School District 10th-graders who took the reading portion of the WASL, 739 passed, preliminary results show. Of the 809 Olympia 10th-graders who took the writing portion, 763 passed. And of the 794 Olympia 10th-graders who took the math portion, 541 passed.
The percentages, for those scoring at home, are 92% in reading, 94% in writing, and 68% in math. Those are provisional scores, though, subject to over-the-summer verification. All are better than state averages.

In the class of 2008, the first who really have to pass the reading and writing portions, only 13 students haven't yet made it. Math, for the uninitiated, isn't a grad requirement until 2013--or maybe not even then.

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The Science Goddess said...

Passing the math WASL might not be required, but those who don't meet standard have to stay in a "rigorous" math class for the next two years (or pass the WASL).

The last I heard was that there were 50 job openings for math teachers in the state. Meanwhile, there are going to be more math course offerings at many schools in order to support those kiddos who didn't pass the WASL. Four preps, anyone?