Jun 3, 2007

one man wrecking crew

The surprise popularity of The Passion of the Christ a few years back and the solid success of Amazing Grace have led some to speculate that we're in the middle of a renaissance in small-e evangelical cinema. That is, until wannabe auteur Jason Epperson wrecks everything with a short titled "Getta Rhoom."
By making it this far in the competition, I have a newfound confidence level and I'm excited to show off what this Kentucky boy can do. I am a Christian and feel that God has blessed me and put me on this show for a purpose. I don't consider myself a Christian filmmaker necessarily, but a Christian who wants to make positive films.
Positive films about people with disabilities making asses of themselves and getting zapped straight to hell? Har har!

Oh, and don't blame me if you click on any of the other profiles to see how nominally bright directors fare when handed fancy equipment and a healthy budget. The world of TV commercials may never be the same.

[via The Hater.]

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TeacherRefPoet said...

Huh. I didn't see the character as disabled until Carrie Fisher suggested it. I just thought he was mega-nerdy. So, yeah, I actually thought the movie was funny.