Jun 18, 2007

more Nancy Faaren news

This time, from The Columbian.
Faaren has been at Fort Vancouver for four years. She has been applauded for working closely with teachers and for her zero tolerance attitude toward gang activity. Several students said that Faaren has made Fort Vancouver a more respectful school.

She has worked in four Clark County school districts, starting as an English teacher at Prairie High School. Prior to Fort Vancouver, she was principal at McLoughlin Middle School.

When Olympia's union president called Vancouver Education Association President Keith Drake to get his view of Faaren, Drake told him that he and Faaren had butted heads in the past, but that he had asked to be placed at Fort Vancouver next year. Drake had worked with Faaren when she was principal at McLoughlin.

"I wanted to work at her school," Drake said. "I think that speaks for itself."
Sorry, Keith. Your loss, our gain. (Incidentally, that unnamed "union president" would be Capital's own David Johnston.)

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