Jun 1, 2007

interview buzzwords in Washington

A colleague from my days in Evergreen's M.I.T. program is moving back to Washington, and, of course, is looking for the edge in the job hunt. I haven't sat on an interview committee for a little while, and might not be hip to all the latest, so I'll put the question to the bright minds of this here blog. What's hot and not in educational buzzwords these days?

My school's been batting around "differentiated instruction" and "rigor" over the past year, but that's about all I can drum up. (I wonder if my distinct ignorance of pedagogical trends is helping or hurting my teaching.)


Dr Pezz said...

Professional Learning Communities, Continuous Improvement Processes, Action Plans, and Progress Charting seem to be my district's latest gag/buzzwords.

Jim Anderson said...

"Progress Charting" sounds vaguely medical. If I saw that on a staff meeting itinerary, I'd want to show up in scrubs.

Ryan said...

Second on Professional Learning Communities. I'd also throw Curriculum Mapping, Differentiated Instruction, and brain-based research in there.