May 20, 2007

Olympia schools expand online presence

While other online academies are currently putting expansion plans on hold, the Olympia Regional Academy is ready to grow. The Olympian has the story:
The district’s parent-­partnership program, which enrolls home-schooled students, is expected to grow to include high school students.

The high school classes will include core subjects such as science, math and writing, as well as foreign languages. Students will be able to earn a diploma through the program, said Joy Walton, the academy’s administrator.

The academy also is hiring four new teachers for its online high school program, which allows students to take classes via the Internet.

Previously, the online program purchased courses and instruction from Advanced Academics Inc. rather than use Olympia teachers.

District officials plan to limit online enrollment to 40 initially. Within about a month, more students should be able to enroll, Walton said.
I predict that this and similar programs will only increase in popularity at the secondary level--the flexibility and individualized pacing are just too attractive. Traditional brick-and-mortar schooling isn't yet out of style, but it's getting pushed further and further into the back of the closet.

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