May 29, 2007

if I give my body to be recycled

Kerry Howley, commenting on a planned Dutch reality TV show that would award a fresh kidney to the winner:
Organ-based reality TV is sad and grotesque precisely to the extent that it caricatures typical organ allotment systems; where sick people aren't allowed to pay for something they need, they must prove themselves worthy of a gift. Are Lisa's criteria for organ-worthiness any less valid than those of the United Network for Organ Sharing? Discuss.
I'm not going to discuss, other than to point to the story that got Kerry thinking, and a crucial detail she left out:
A spokeswoman for BNN said that could be no guarantees the donation would actually be made, "but the intention is" Lisa's donation would be carried out before she died.

That's because her wish to donate to a particular candidate "wouldn't be valid anymore after her death" under Dutch donation rules, Marieke Saly said. If Lisa does donate one kidney while living, the other kidney may still be awarded to someone else on a national donation waiting list under the country's organ allotment system.
Update: But wait. There's less.

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