May 29, 2007

I want my Pepsi-Cola

Our school district, bless their sensibilities, prohibits the sale of non-diet soda, any size, yet you can still purchase a 9.5-ounce Starbucks mocha Frappucino out of a machine. At a whopping 180 calories, Starbucks' bottled candy is actually worse for your waistline than a 12-ounce, 150-calorie liquid ambrosia Pepsi. (Do the math: a 12-ounce Frappucino would have 1.5 times the calories--227--and more than double the caffeine.)

So, to summarize. Sugar and caffeine in carbonated form: bad. Even more sugar and caffeine in coffee form: shrug. Something is amiss.*

I'd love to complain to the authorities, to point out the blatant inconsistency, but I'm afraid it would only backfire. The district would probably end up banning Starbucks, too, and maybe even shut down the Student Store, which mostly traffics in lattes and sweet, sweet cookies.

So I won't. I'll just keep bringing Pepsi from home. It's cheaper, anyway.

*There's no Caffeine Conspiracy; the inconsistency extends to Hawaiian Punch, too. Why? I have no idea.

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