May 16, 2007

"hot ice" proves that Shakespeare is divinely inspired

If "paths of the sea" is proof that the Bible is the Word of God, then certainly this...
Although the parent star is much cooler than the Sun, the planet orbits 13 times closer to the star than Mercury's orbit around the Sun. That means the surface must be a blazing hot 300° C or more, keeping water in its atmosphere in vapour form.

But the high pressures in the planet's interior would compress the water so much that it would stay solid even at hundreds of degrees Celsius – the expected temperatures inside the planet. There are a variety of exotic 'hot ice' states possible in such conditions, with names like 'Ice VII' and 'Ice X'.
...makes this...
That is hot ice and wondrous strange snow.
...obviously divine.

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Auntie Em said...

As long as there's no Ice nine.