Apr 18, 2007

driving while thoroughly intoxicated

This is either atate record, or a statistical error. A woman recently arrested for DWI had a BAC of .47. According to the Wisconsin DOT, an average 100-pound woman drinking 10 shots in an hour will have a BAC of .445. That's "comatose" for you or me. Wikipedia notes,
Unless a person has developed a high tolerance, a BAC rating of 0.20 represents very serious intoxication (most first-time drinkers would be passed out by about 0.15), and 0.35 represents potentially fatal alcohol poisoning. 0.40 is the accepted LD50, or lethal dose for 50% of adult humans. For a long-time, heavy drinker, those numbers can at least double. In extreme cases, individuals have survived BAC ratings as high as 0.914.
I don't even want to know how to get a BAC that high.

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