Apr 11, 2007

domestic partnerships for same-sex couples in Washington state

It took a year and some change after the last equal rights measure, but it's finally here. If Gregoire signs the bill, same sex couples will gain rights via domestic partnerships, one step closer to full marriage rights.
Substitute Senate Bill 5336 creates a registry in the Office of the Secretary of State, letting same-sex couples who share a residence share in some medical and end-of-life rights enjoyed by married heterosexuals — including visitation rights in health-care facilities, rights to get health-care information and to obtain rights to cemetery plots and interment.

The rights also would be open to unmarried heterosexual couples if one person is 62 or older.
Gay rights advocates are justifiably triumphant, while opposition groups are still beating the end-of-the-world drum.
“I think the Christian people are pretty much going to sleep and letting the culture collapse around them,” said Bob Higley, lobbyist for the Positive Christian Agenda. “I think the pastors are letting the churches ignore the political environment. They are not speaking up on social issues like they should.”
That's exactly why the opposition is doomed to fail:allowing gay couples to share in important end-of-life decisions or to have more stable relationships won't cause civilization to collapse. Such claims just aren't credible.

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L said...

conservatives never really seem to come up with ANY coherent arguments agains gay rights, other than the fact that they really really really don't like it