Mar 17, 2007

spam blogs aren't exactly new

PCWorld catches up to spam blogs:
Google's is being hijacked to spread malware through fake blogs, a security vendor has warned.

According to Fortinet, Genuine-looking blogs on topics as wide-ranging as "Star Wars, school, furniture, Christmas, cars and girlfriends" are now being created to host a variety of script-initiated malware. It would be impossible for visitors to spot the danger of these sites, which now number in the hundreds, the company said. Although they look genuine, it appears that all the sites have been specially crafted to fool visitors.
This is ancient news in the blogosphere. I first noticed the phenomenon last May.


M.T. McLaughlin said...

I think harmless spam is so fun. I keep getting emails with random classic literature jumbles and languages that seem to be gibberish, peppered with names of celebrities and buzzwords.

It's really evolved to become entertaining.

Jim Anderson said...

I also find it a source of inspiration. In fact, without it I would probably be just a fifth-tier blogging hack, instead of the fourth-tier hack I am today.