Mar 24, 2007

obligatory NCAA bracket blogging VIII

So much for upsets: all the remaining teams are 1, 2, and 3 seeds. In fact, only one 3 seed, Oregon, made it. (Wisconsin choked, busting my bracket.)

On to the predictions, then. Rhyming couplets!

Memphis v. Ohio State
Sacrificing a chestnut tree to Woden,
The Tigers conquer a bedraggled Oden.
Update: wrong! (Shoulda trusted my bracket.)

UCLA v. Kansas
Fortune smiles not on the pancake state;
Afflalo and the boys leave 'em back in the eight.
Update: right!

Oregon v. Florida
For the national champs there'll be no repeat,
Going down to the Ducks in an epic defeat.
Update: wrong!

Georgetown v. UNC
Huzzah for the Hoyas, who this psychic feels
Have the chutzpah required to take down the Heels.
Update: Right, and in a big way. I have the Hoyas as my national champs. They sure look like it right now.


Matthew said...

I was 3-4 in my predictions. UNC was 30 seconds away from making my final four perfect, before they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Georgetown was not very strong yesterday. They managed to win when UNC forgot they had some big guys too and went crazy cold from everywhere (they made 2 out of their last 22 shots, or something like that!). For the bulk of the game, they were manhandled by UNC. Georgetown may get by OSU, but UCLA-Florida is going to produce the winner.

Jim Anderson said...

My bracket is set. Don't confuse me with the facts.