Mar 17, 2007

obligatory NCAA bracket blogging VII

Yesterday my bright prospects dimmed only slightly. I went 11-for-16, ending up with 27 correct first round predictions, and, more important, kept my Sweet Sixteen intact. Where I failed: not hating enough, as Creighton and Notre Dame went out one round earlier than I expected. I easily could've had 29 correct predictions.

Out of millions of brackets, only 62 got all 32 games right. Lucky bums.

Update: After 42 games there's only one perfect ESPN bracket--and probably not for long. At least I'm still in the top ten percent.


Ryan said...

In hindsight, putting Gonzaga in the Elite 8 may have been....overly optimistic.

Jim Anderson said...

The Pacific Northwest's last hope is now the Oregon squad. Ouch.