Mar 31, 2007

obligatory NCAA bracket blogging IX

Two games today, but I'm going to miss both thanks to a marathon of manly movies. (Reviews up tomorrow.)

Since sports pundits require the short term memory of Lenonard in Memento, here are today's guaranteed predictions, forgetting the past and forging boldly into the future.

Georgetown v. Ohio State
Ohio State might outmatch the Hoyas in sheer athleticism, talent, strategy, endurance, media savvy, fan base, mascot accessibility, pep squad buoyancy, and waterboy efficiency, but after the UNC collapse late in regulation and overtime, is there any doubt that Georgetown is divinely favored?

Georgetown 70, OSU 66

Florida v. UCLA
Re-match. Re-match. Re-match. Re-match.

UCLA takes it. This is just not Florida's year, and this is a much better UCLA squad. The Bruins aren't just gunning for revenge, but respect, for themselves and for the Pac 10.

Re-spect. Re-spect. Re-spect. Re-spect.

UCLA 74, Florida 71


Matthew Anderson said...


0-2. You're approaching my baseball territory.

Apparently, I'm a lot better when it comes to basketball than baseball or football. : )

Aaron said...

don't bet on sports

Jim Anderson said...

I was right about the rematch. I just picked the wrong one.