Mar 30, 2007

even more random questions--58, actually

Compliments of my students.

1. Why do you have to use No. 2 pencils on tests?
2. Chicken or beef?
3. Does your opinion really matter in the world?
4. Which hair color really has the most fun?
5. Why is there so much hate in the world?
6. What is the best kind of dessert?
7. How many roads must a man walk down?
8. How did humans evolve?
9. If school was optional, would you attend?
10. Who is the best superhero?
11. Is it better to be right or to be happy?
12. Why is chocolate so yummy?
13. Has technology gotten to the point where humans are destroying themselves?
14. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
15. What is the purpose of shoes?
16. What's the best pizza topping?
17. Are colorblind people really colorblind, or is everyone else?
18. Why do rabbits have long ears?
19. Why are we so obsessed with celebrities?
20. Who's the best baseball player of all time?
21. Did OJ do it?
22. What's the purpose of mosquitoes?
23. Why do people walk on two feet?
24. What's the best instrument ever created?
25. Why don't dogs see color?
26. Why are almost all babies born with blue eyes?
27. Why can't we have wings?
28. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
29. What makes someone a good person?
30. Is destiny real?
31. Can you choose who you love?
32. What does Vitamin A do?
33. What is progress?
34. Why are there six hours of school?
35. What's your opinion of our environmental situation?
36. Why is there life?
37. What if the world had less gravity?
38. What is education?
39. Should trans fat be legal?
40. Why do people procrastinate?
41. If you could swim in a tub of anything, what would it be?
42. How's your life right now?
43. How would you solve the national debt?
44. Which is better: gummy bears, or gummy worms?
45. Which U.S. state is best?
46. Is Bigfoot real?
47. What were you in a past life?
48. What is the best candy in the world?
49. Why do people bite their nails?
50. Gatorade or water?
51. Will we ever find a cure for AIDS?
52. What is beauty?
53. Is there a way to be in two places at once?
54. What is the best piece of clothing?
55. How do you describe color?
56. Which brand of computers is best?
57. Who should win the presidency in 2008?
58. What is love?


Anonymous said...


TheTachyix said...

What are questions?

Ariel said...

Why is there only one word for love in the English language?

Anonymous said...

because unlike many other cultures and societys, the brits are not entirely obsessed with love, just sex. thats why theres so many different ways to say it.