Feb 20, 2007

Where's the Math rally hits the newsstand

I should point out that the Where's the Math crowd sounds a lot more reasonable in the paper.
The group is supportive of Senate Bill 5528, which would establish a panel of 12 people to evaluate the state’s math Essential Academic Learning Requirements, known as EALRs.

The 12 evaluators would include four professional scientists or mathematicians; two college-level math professors; two parents; and four math teachers.

The bill asks that the committee also consider the standards set by other states and nations, specifically naming California and Singapore.

“If you look at the (Washington) standards, they really aren’t standards,” said SB 5528 sponsor Sen. Cheryl Pflug, a Republican from Maple Valley. “They are about reasoning and discovery, and using your calculator. But without basic computational fluency, kids don’t even know if they’re pressing the right buttons on the calculator.”
I wish them well.

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