Feb 20, 2007

teachers vs. NCLB: the Educator Roundtable

Who might best understand the ways No Child Left Behind fails to truly reform education? Could it be... teachers?
We, the educators, parents, and concerned citizens whose names appear below, reject the misnamed No Child Left Behind Act and call for legislators to vote against its reauthorization. We do so not because we resist accountability, but because the law's simplistic approach to education reform wastes student potential, undermines public education, and threatens the future of our democracy.

Below, briefly stated, are some of the reasons we consider the law too destructive to salvage. In its place we call for formal, state-level dialogues led by working educators rather than by politicians, ideology-bound "think tank" members, or leaders of business and industry who have little or no direct experience in the field of education.
The nascent organization has assembled sixteen major arguments against NCLB. Click through to examine them all, along with the evidence cited. I'll report back when I've studied their stance a little more closely.

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Or you could just email me through the website and we could talk about the project in more detail.

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