Feb 11, 2007

the sincerest form of flattery

Jason Kuznicki was searching for an old post of mine and discovered that it was also showing up at a completely different domain, pkblogs. He sent me an email warning that spamblog clones were on the loose. Curious and a bit troubled, I did a little research and discovered that, through the magic of syndication, my entire site is being mirrored there.

I couldn't get angry, though, even if they started beating me in the search rankings. Why? pkblogs is an aggregator for blogs that are banned in Pakistan, India, Iran, and China.

Maybe it's just a way to steal content, make advertising dollars, and pretend to be doing it for a greater cause. If so, it's a price I don't mind paying. I don't advertise, nor will I ever.

Oh, and why was Jason looking for that old post? To steal the idea, of course.

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