Feb 17, 2007

red light cameras ticket wrong cars

When I first read that Lacey is adding red light cameras to reduce red-light-running (after installing useless and expensive "blue lights" that stop no one), I was skeptical. What's the rate of effectiveness? Are there false positives?

In today's paper, a Mike Carrington of Lacey bashes the decision.
Concerning the cameras at street corners, unfortunately, published articles have been devoid of facts citing the numbers of the dreaded T-bone accidents that the cameras are hoping to prevent. Exactly how many accidents of this nature have really occurred at these intersections and what was the total cost versus cost of new cameras and their maintenance and monitoring?

The powers that be seem willing to be led by the hands of the camera sellers and justify their positions with, “Everyone else is doing it.” That’s anemic rationale. The problem is with traffic control. Lights that stay red when no autos are coming are prevalent and should be remedied.
Commenting on the story, reader Do It writes,
Don't run the red light and you won't get your pic taken nor get a ticket. Run the red light and you get what you deserve. How simple is that!
But consider the problem Cleveland drivers have with the lights.
Bill and Sue Faber of Massillon said they haven't been in Cleveland for six months, but the city sent them a ticket.

"No way we could be in Cleveland," Faber said.

"Do you have witnesses for that?" Pohlman asked.

"Yes, we do," Faber said.

Yet Cleveland sent the ticket showing a car speeding, but the plate belongs to the Faber's truck.

Pohlman said you can't read the license in the picture at all. He said it appears Cleveland guessed and sent the ticket anyway.

"I always thought we were always innocent until proven guilty and now I find it's guilty until I can prove I'm innocent," Faber said.

After NewsChannel5 got involved, the city backed off, writing a letter informing the Fabers that the city made a mistake.
Think it's just the guilty who have to watch out? Think again.

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