Feb 5, 2007

red light? green light!

Lacey is another metropolis succumbing to the lure of red-light cameras.
A Lacey City Council committee has authorized Police Chief Dusty Pierpoint to start the enforcement program. Pierpoint said he'd like the program up and running by July with cameras monitoring two intersections - likely ­Sleater-Kinney Road and Pacific Avenue, and Martin Way and Marvin Road.
Remember those blue lights that were installed at the intersection of Martin and Pacific? They were supposed to do the same thing. From The Olympian, April 22, 2003:
The police department has a new tool to deter motorists who run red lights. Called red-light indicators, these blue lights attached to traffic signals make catching violators easier. The light is attached to the back of the traffic signal and turns on the same moment as the red light.
They worked so well.

Anyhow, here's the funniest line of the story: "...the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - which describes itself as an independent, nonprofit organization funded by auto insurers..."

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