Jan 16, 2007

very random questions to ask people

Apparently, random isn't random enough. So, I present to you the Random Question Generator. Simply insert a word from each column, feeling free to double up on the SETUP and insert any necessary objects, modifiers, or articles, and with little rearrangement and a lot of pluck, you've got a very random question to ask someone.

Random Question Generator
SETUP Noun Verb
WHO Monkey(s) Smite(s)
WHAT Joy(s) Usurp(s)
WHEN Trailer(s) Pilfer(s)
WHERE Wisdom Dunk(s)
WHY Cheese(s) Applaud(s)
HOW DO / DOES or HOW IS / ARE Uzbekistan Bite(s)
DOES / DO Attitude(s) Swoon(s)
CAN Hexagon(s) Topple(s)
SHOULD Pi Dance(s)
IS / ARE Moron(s) Backslide

Sample questions:
Can cheese applaud?
Should monkeys dance?
How does a moron dunk?
Why does Uzbekistan backslide?
Who topples pi?

[130th in a series]


Anonymous said...

thoes question r random and realy stupid. it is like reading something like this ~`!@#$%^&*()_+{}:"<>?

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