Jan 7, 2007

Seattle Seahawks' Emerald City Miracle

As my brother notes, they were "good enough to win." They certainly weren't any better, beating a sinking Dallas squad by the sort of miracle one only sees in a Dallas-Seattle contest. (And no, no one's mentioned that it was Jordan Babineaux who saved the game both times.)

I didn't see any of it. When the UPS tournament reps turned off the televisions in the student center, telling us it was time for awards, there was near mutiny. Even debate nerds love their football. The last thing I saw, Seattle stopped Dallas on third a goal, setting up the Gramatica field goal that never was. I didn't see Romo bungle the hold, or the game-saving tackle by "Big Play Babs," or the Seattle punt that sailed out with two seconds left, or the failed Hail Mary by Romo that our last-second acquisition knocked down. I heard about it when some high school student threw down his cell phone and shrieked, "We won!"

And now we face either Chicago (never mind what they did to us last time, they're fallible) or New Orleans (they are going to crush us). More injuries, too. Oh well. At least we didn't exit in the first round.

Update: Now that the Eagles beat the Giants, we're gonna face Chicago. I am provisionally optimistic.

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