Jan 7, 2007

Gary Davenport, living proof that WEA efforts aren't in vain

The Olympian reminds us that the anti-WEA lawsuit over agency shop fees heads to the Supreme Court for oral argument this week. Profiling Gary Davenport--who comes off as a nice, thoughtful guy, if a bit strained, calling the union "bullies"--the article notes something just a little ironic:
The former high school social studies teacher said he left teaching because his growing family needed more money than he earned as a teacher.
I seem to recall a particular union spending nearly all its political capital to change that.


Ryan said...

I'm no legal eagle, but why does he have any standing to bring a case against the WEA if he's not a teacher any more? Don't go away angry, Gary...just go away!

Jim Anderson said...

I think the original suit was filed years ago, back when Davenport had more recently (as he claimed, anyhow) been coerced to put up his cash to support eeeeeevil.