Dec 4, 2006

shiny and new

I have a new class this trimester, now that Debate is done: Senior Writing, a college-prep course, which I last taught when practicing for my master's degree. This time, I have eleven students, which oughtta be fun. The change in the atmosphere since the last time: the blog, which has completely radicalized my writing, and I hope will influence my students to write more.

The Scottish Play has taken over for Midsummer in the 11th grade, which is fine by me. I can take only so much witty banter.

Freshfolks will examine the Bible as Literature, which hopefully can be done in a spirit of nonpartisanship. To make it easier, we're sticking with the Old Testament, starting with, of course, Genesis.

One more debate tournament before break. One more batch of journals to grade. Five finals finished, not yet graded. A new LD topic. You'll pardon me if I sequester myself periodically.

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Murky Thoughts said...

Do show 'em the shogun version by Kurosawa! Actually, I hated comparison assignments like that in school. But nevermind that.