Dec 4, 2006

Doug Peltier, a model teacher

The beard is back.

When I sat in a senior-level calculus class, Doug Peltier was my teacher: wise, hip, snarky, bearded. After a while, he shaved it off, and we all freaked out. Who was this youngster, this neophyte who had replaced our beloved math instructor?

It's good to see Mr. Peltier be-bearded again.

Mr. Peltier may not have convinced me to take up derivations as a career, but his unflappable calm, sly wit, and engaging style were my template for teaching. He showed me that you can be yourself in the classroom, and your teaching will be better for it.

I remember Peltier's class mostly because of its size. We were eight nerds, all guys, boisterous and witty in our own minds. Peltier's eyes could roll nickels, and his putdowns could strip paint. By the end of a year together, we were no more mature, but we were smarter, and one of us would eventually go on to greatness. (I forget his name.)

Peltier, eventually, moved to Tumwater, despite my mom's lobbying efforts, where he's still inspiring the love of learning, and still sporting that most excellent beard.

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