Dec 26, 2006

A Nice Place to Visit

Last night, watching that classic Twilight Zone episode, I thought of some things I posted a while back. From the episode summary:
After being shot to death by a policeman, Rocky revives to find himself unhurt. He is in the company of a seemingly good-natured man named Pip, who says he is Rocky's guide and has been instructed to give him anything he wants. At first this is great, Rocky assumes he must be in Heaven, with Pip being his guardian angel. But he soon grows tired of always winning, always getting any girl he wants. He begs Pip to send him to "the Other Place." Pip replies, "This is the Other Place!"
Rocky's frustration illustrates the argument I made a while back about the next life: it's worse than the present, since it's just too perfect. (It also explains why God is bored.)

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