Feb 22, 2005

thanks and thoughts

Thanks to Mark Olson of Pseudo-Polymath for the link. Mark lists me underneath "Interesting MicroBlogs." I've got "microblog" down pretty solid. Still working on "interesting."

While you're over there, check out his first essay on an oldy-but-goodie, Evil. And here's my preliminary response.

Our world is better than heaven: a formative reductio.

Olson, in a long line of theodicians, claims that moral choice necessitates danger, and hence the possibility of evil. (He also implies that wonder and mystery require the same.) From this, I argue,

1. This world is good (any theists care to disagree?).
2. A good world with the possibility for danger and evil is better than a "nerf world" without it (after Mr. Olson).
3. The next world is free of suffering, filled with God's presence, and populated with the saints, and hence heaven is a nerf world. Therefore,
4. This world is better than the next.

Proceed to tear it apart, y'all.

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Andrew Bailey said...

This is precisely why I'm inclined to reject free will theodicies. =)