Nov 7, 2006

why I'm not watching the election returns

1. I'm too busy. Grading, for one, and prepping for the speech tournament this weekend (that is, if Puyallup isn't entirely washed away by then). Twenty-four competitors this Saturday--our largest group in my five years of coaching.

2. Mail-in voting in Washington state means the results won't be official tomorrow, so why get excited? If it takes a postmark, it's just not as sexy.

3. Litigation everywhere else means the outcome won't be certain until the Super Bowl.

4. I already did my part. I opined. I bloviated. I voted. What more can I do?

5. I am typing this post. If I don't look at the screen, I won't see those neat little red lines when I misspell something in Firefox 2.0. (Worth the upgrade for that feature alonne.)

6. Yes, that was a purposeful typo.

7. I am too bummed out that my most popular post of the last six months involves an astrological prediction for the 2006 gubernatorial election in Michigan.

8. I have a dinner date downtown.

1 comment:

kalister said...

Ha ha, I agree with you on the Firefox 2.0 issue, DEFUNITLY worth the upgrade. (funny, it says there's no spelling suggestions for that word. maybe I mutilated it a bit too much?)

The only problem is I have become so used to having my writing auto checked on the computer that if it isn't underlined in red, I assume it must be correct. (This can lead to calamitous and mortifying mistakes in Photoshop and Flash MX.)

Might I also say that Firefox 2.0 has a pretty nifty feature that can be enabled to automatically save form progress so that in the event that its user accidentally closes it, leaves that particular website or if the browser crashes, it will be automatically restored the next time you open the browser or return to that page.
(in other words, you'll never have to retype a long blog post again!)