Nov 7, 2006

mmm... Spaghetti Bowl

Since I am consciously refusing to follow election results or punditize further, I thought I'd link to a pithy write-up of one of Capital High School's best traditions.
Q: If you could see only one regular-season high-school football game each year and had to make your decision years in advance, which game would it be?

A: Olympia vs. Capital. It's hard to beat rivalries in towns that have two high schools. Even though Capital is now Class 3A and Olympia is 4A, this game still has plenty of juice.

The fact these are big schools always ensures that there will be some good athletes on the field. This game is called the "Spaghetti Bowl," and two Rotary clubs in Olympia sponsor a pregame community spaghetti feed that raises money for scholarships at both schools. At halftime, both bands perform together.
I can't even imagine how this might happen in the political arena, especially around an election.

(If you missed this year's Spaghetti Bowl, you'll have to wait 'til September '07.)

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