Nov 6, 2006

my last drop of punditry before the deluge: Election 2006 prediction

We're going to be flooded later today, or early tomorrow, if the weather holds. Perhaps God is telling us something--"elect Democrats, and I'll rescind my promise"--or perhaps not.

Better than any astrologer or prophet, though, is the well-armed pundit. Not armed with polls, which are fickle, but with facts.

In fact, there is but one fact that gives a clear indication of the upcoming Democratic victory.

Fact: This weekend, despite appearing in only 800-odd theaters, Borat was the number one movie in America.

Don't forget to mail your ballot today. That is all.

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TheTachyix said...

Cushman's saying the Dems will get in excess of 20 twenty house seats and 6 senate seats. I'm saying 13 or less and 3. I did my part to fulfill this prediction by voting for incumbents or third party candidates.